About DMK Enzyme Therapy – What is it?


As of 2019, Skin Spa has acquired an innovative new skin revision therapy & age management treatment called DMK. This treatment is unlike any other facial you’ve had – it does not follow the typical facial protocol but instead uses the science of enzymes to hydrate and tighten the skin. DMK professional products are pharmaceutical grade and botanical based – providing unbelievable results from home prescriptives alone. The powerful results that Skin Spa has been able to accomplish with a combination of professional treatments & at-home care has been truly amazing.

Danné Montague-King, founder of DMK, suffered himself from severe acne and pigmentation issues. Danné devoted his life as a biochemist to finding a non-invasive solution to his skincare problems. After 40 years of research, eduction, and trial & error, the solution that he developed was DMK Enzyme Therapy. 

DMK treatments and products are scientifically designed to re-condition the skin from the inside out. The foundation of this treatment is to REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, & MAINTAIN the skin in its best state. Skin Spa offers a variety of DMK skin care products and treatments based on the client’s needs. However, the main concerns that we treat include severe acne, aging, pigmentation & discoloration, rosacea, and scarring. DMK treatments typically require a 2 hour appointment, and the treatment best suited for you will be determined by our certified DMK trained estheticians. With your initial DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment, you will go home with a 1-month supply of skincare tailored to your skin concerns.

Our DMK trained estheticians would love to consult with you during your next appointment, or set up a consultation by calling us 904-853-5131.

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